Divorce & Dissolution

Whether you are part of a heterosexual marriage, same-sex marriage or civil partnership, we will provide you with bespoke legal advice to deal with matters cost effectively and efficiently. It is not uncommon for marriages and civil partnerships to breakdown.

Whilst this can be an emotional and stressful time, at Stalwart Solicitors we will ensure you are guided through the process coming out of the other end looking confidentially at the future .

We’re here to listen to you and advocate your rights

You may be just seeking advice as to your options at this stage or are sure the relationship has broken down and are ready to take action to ensure that it legally comes to an end. Conversely you may be on the receiving end of a Petition issued at Court. We are on hand to answer the many questions you have, including wondering how to protect yourself, your finances and your children. Divorce and dissolution can be complex and it is essential that you choose a solicitor who listens to you, provides realistic, client focused legal advice to meets the needs of you and your family and champions your rights.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

How long will it take

If divorce or dissolution proceedings are not defended you could be looking at timescales of between 4-6 months.  If there are other issues to be resolved, such as the finances of your marriage or civil partnership , you may be advised to hold off applying for the final stage of divorce or dissolution  before resolving the finances. This may extend the time it will take to conclude proceedings.

Does it matter who issues divorce of dissolution proceedings?

The person issuing divorce or dissolution proceedings will need to pay the Court fee unless they are seeking  this from the other party to proceedings ( the Respondent). If you have received a Petition we are able to clarify whether the other side has sought costs from you. In terms of financial settlement the Court is concerned with financial conduct. Therefore in most cases  is  does  not matter if you have issued the Petition or are the Respondent  in proceedings providing financial conduct is not in question. The conduct of one of the parties may be relevant in Children Act proceedings however this is rare.

What is the initial procedure involved?

 We will conduct an initial 30 minute free consultation with you where we will advise as to the best fact to rely upon in your divorce or dissolution proceedings. After further consultation with you we will then prepare the initial Petition for you to consider and approve before being issued at Court. The papers will then be sent from the Court to your partner asking for them to confirm whether or not they wish to defend the divorce or dissolution proceedings.

Will I need to attend Court?

If matters are agreed beforehand and your partner does not intend on defending divorce or dissolution proceedings you will not have to attend Court.

How much will it cost?

Stalwart Solicitors offers a fixed fee to deal with divorce or dissolution proceedings from start to finish, if undefended. If you are the Petitioner issuing proceedings we charge a fixed fee of £1560 and disbursements ( £550 Court fee).  Our fixed fee as a Respondent on divorce or dissolution proceedings is £560.

Any work outside of the remit of the fixed fee and financial proceedings on divorce or dissolution will be charged at the hourly rate of £250 and disbursements. Please see our pricing page for further information on our fees.

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