Research by The Guardian has highlighted the drastic fall in the number of domestic abuse cases funded by legal aid, from 75% to 47% over the last ten years. Such a sharp decline is attributed to the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing, and Punishment of Offenders Act (‘LASPO’) which curtailed eligibility for Legal Aid. The Guardian estimates approximately 34,000 people could have received legal funding for their cases under the old rules but were instead denied legal aid (The Guardian, 29 April 2022).


Legal aid is a complex system requiring persons to satisfy merits and a financial means test. Research suggests that 46% of the British public does not understand the legal aid system, and many stumble to satisfy both elements of the two-limb test (Lawyer Monthly, 26 August 2021). Thousands of people are choosing to walk away from family court proceedings, simply because they cannot afford not to, risking serious miscarriages of justice.


Stalwart Solicitors caters to those who are not eligible for legal aid but are on a low disposable income by offering upfront and transparent, fixed-fee costs and an hourly rate. Unpleasant surprises are avoided and expectations of the quality of service you can receive are clearly laid out. This means you can stay in control of how much you spend, but at the same time receive high-quality and effective legal advice and support.

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