Ofsted has announced that there will now be a new focus of its multi- agency inspections, which will be early help given to children and families to reduce risks and meet their needs.

The multi-agency inspections, also known as joint targeted area inspections (‘JTAIs’) are carried out by inspectors from Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission and His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services.

The focus of the inspections will include questions such as:

  • Do agencies work effectively together so that children and their families get the right help at the right time?
    • Is there a shared strategic vision for helping families early?
    • Is this well understood across the local partnership,?at all operational levels, and by families and communities?
    • How effectively do leaders understand local need and engage with families, their neighbourhoods and communities to deliver an appropriate local offer?
    • Do leaders understand how local need changes over time, and do they update their offer of help to respond to these changes effectively?
    • Does the local safeguarding partnership monitor and evaluate the work of statutory partners effectively?
    • Does the workforce have the appropriate skills, knowledge and capacity to support children and their families effectively?


Yvette Stanley, Ofsted National Director for Regulation and Social Care:

“Getting the right response at the right time is critical for children and families. All agencies have their part to play in helping children and families early.”

Working with CQC and HMICFRS, our JTAIs will help establish a shared understanding of how multi-agency partners work effectively together to help families before significant harm happens, and take timely action to protect children.